Common Sense Digital Citizenship

All McHi students must receive the Common Sense Digital Citizenship lessons by May 24, 2019, as required by our school district in order to maintain e-Rate eligibility for technology funding. To get to the actual online lessons, teachers may use the links shown below. Each link takes you directly to each of the eleven (11) lessons that must be given to students.


Our campus is being requested to teach these lessons to all students. For most lessons, teachers will show the video(s) and then have students discuss it. For the lessons without videos, the teacher will introduce the topic and then open it up to class discussion. Teachers have told me in the past that it takes them about 15 minutes per lesson. We can probably use 15 minutes per lesson as a general rule and ask teachers to cap the discussions and watch their time carefully.  So 11 lessons at 15 minutes each equals 165 minutes, which is a little bit over 3 class periods.


What we need from each teacher is a class roster of each class to whom the lessons were taught, regardless of what students may have been present or absent. The key is that the lesson was presented on that day by that teacher.


NOTE: Please ignore the message that says "This curriculum is no longer being updated." This does not apply to the 9-12 curriculum.




Unit 1, Lesson 1 - Digital Life 102 - 2 videos (approx. 2:30 each)


Unit 1, Lesson 3 - Copyrights & Wrongs - 2 videos (approx. 2:30 each)


Unit 1, Lesson 5 - Turn Down the Dial on Cyberbullying - 2 videos (approx. 2:30 each)


Unit 2, Lesson 2 - Who Are You Online?  - 1 video (3:45)


Unit 2, Lesson 4 - Overexposed: Sexting & Relationships - 2 videos (approx. 2:30 each)


Unit 2, Lesson 5 - Risky Online Relationships - No videos